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The association was founded in 2011 by Resolution No. 805. From our love for God and asking for Allah satisfaction in building the earth with knowledge and learning. From our society's urgent need and for those who are wishing to rise up their children to the best. From the faith of the people of righteousness and benevolence and from those whom God has blessed. From the volunteers’s faith who donated with their knowledges, efforts and times.

Our message

to produce an interactive community, which rising and reaching a high level of science and
education through believing in strength of voluntary charitable work strength.

Our Goals :

Providing necessary support for students who are financially, socially and educationally in need , especially for those in the basic education stage. Helping who wishing for vocational or technical education or in the field of computer uses. Contribute to social and cultural awareness campaigns. Establishing some social and entertainment activities, the proceeds of which are for the benefit of the association. building a bridge of social communication between the different sectors of society.

Our vision :

To advance our society, to become like one body with your generous contribution and white hands.

our project

Our services and activities:

The Association at its headquarter receives children in need for free educational, material and psychological support, and pursues them to obtain education certificates, under the supervision of a group of specialized volunteer teachers.
Its charitable fund is supported by organizing courses and events, the courses proceeds of are for
the benefit of the association. preparing courses for preparatory school certificate( nine grade)
courses for the preparatory levels (from seven grade _eight grade...)

courses for pre-basic education (kindergarten stages)
Varity Summer club activities for basic education(from first grade
Human development courses Mental arithmetic courses Technical courses (drawing - crochet - sewing)
computer science courses Besides Holding charitable activities and social activities, and Periodic open bazaar

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Landline : 0113712060 – 0113718425
Mobile: 0947295356 – 0946202040

Mouhajrin - biashkatib - Al-Wazirah Avenue (third Avenue)- opposite to Lubna Al-Andalusia School

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